Saturday, March 24, 2012

Picking up some slack...

Yes, we're still alive!  It's been a busy month with a lot of work stuff (love my internship!), school stuff (55 days till graduation!!!) and medical stuff (Benjamin gets his insulin pump very soon but has been fighting chronic headaches; David had RSV, pneumonia, and needs tubes put in his ears again after 3 double ear infections in 3 months).   Plus, my little monkey boy Davey-Doo had his 3rd birthday this week!

And how could I forget?!?  The JDRF walk!!!  Our team raised over $2,500, and all the teams together raised over $2MILLION!!!!!  How amazing is that?!?  So, a HUGE "Thank you!!!" to everyone who donated.  It was a blast, Benjamin was thrilled to see he's not alone, and the support was incredible.  

More than 22,000 at the Mall of America for the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes

Our team!  One of the dads designed our t-shirts.  We looked fabulous.

This super cool picture is made entirely of LEGOS.  Can you believe it!?
I've been trying to scatter some other fun stuff here and there, too.  We've made several trips to the AWESOME Minnesota Children's Museum, visited my parents and my husband's family, and spent a beautiful day at a free zoo with friends.  Does it get any better than that??

Why, yes, it DOES get better!  I went out with a friend last night to The Cheesecake Factory without kids, and ate my fill of Greek salad, avocado egg rolls, stuffed mushrooms, and artichokes.  That, my friends, is what HEAVEN tastes like.  I was so stuffed with deliciousness we had to take my key lime cheesecake home with the leftovers.  Then, today, I went on a DATE with my hubby to see Hunger Games (SO good!) and then to Olive Garden for dinner.  More leftovers!!!  I don't want this weekend to end!

OK.  So.  Obviously, there hasn't been a lot of time left over for crafting, but here are a few projects I forgot to post before.

These were Christmas presents.  I made them for my sisters' families, and one for the friend who thought of this cute and easy idea.  We found the tree at the Silhouette store and cut it out of brown vinyl.  The names were also cut out with the Silhouette, and the tiles cost less than $1 each at Home Depot.

Of course, these were for Valentine's Day.  I figured most kids get WAY more candy than they will ever need, so we got creative.  
For my preschooler, I got the frog idea from the Crap I've Made blog (she's amazing, and her stuff is hardly crap!) and then was  inspired to do something similar with the dinosaurs.

The pencils were for my 3rd grader's class.  They think these pencils are the best. My husband thinks they're annoying and dangerous.  Maybe he should take care of the valentines next year, huh?

And just for fun, who can tell me what movie inspired this hilarious photo?