Friday, October 28, 2011

Skull & Crossbones Scarf

Fall has hit full force here in Minnesota, and Halloween is almost here.  What is more perfect than a skull and crossbones scarf to keep your special guy's neck warm?  Here is the post from last year to inspire you.  
(Use the revised instructions below for easier assembly.)


To make your own skull scarf:
  • Cut 2 pieces of fleece, each in different colors (one for the back, one for the front), to the size you want your scarf. I used one I already had as a guide.
  • Find a picture of a skull with crossbones you like. Size it to fit on your scarf, print it and cut it out. The one I used can be found here.
  • REVISION: added step- Iron on some fusible interfacing behind the parts you want to cut out.  This makes sewing around the shapes much easier.
  • Trace the pieces onto your top piece of fleece near one end of the scarf and cut them out.
  • Cut out the nose and eye pieces. (Mine aren't the right size or shape. I'll do better next time.)
  • Pin your top piece of fleece to the bottom piece, iron the area with the fusible interfacing sandwiched between, and sew all the way around the edges using at least 1/4 inch allowance.
  • This is the tricky part: arrange and pin the cut-out skull and crossbones and carefully sew them down as close to the edge as possible.
  • This is the trickier part and why I think I iron-fused the parts the next time: tack the eyes and nose down and carefully sew them down as close to the edge as possible...and then you're done!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Proof that I'm a good mom

I HATE SHOTS.  Until last year, I had never had a flu shot.  I thought it would be better to have to lie around for a few days than to voluntarily get stabbed in the arm.  Then I got the flu.  SO not fun.  The next year, I happened to be at the doctor's office at the start of flu season and she asked if I'd like the shot.  I thought about it for a minute and then politely declined.  She politely explained that it would not only be in my best interest, but the best interest of my asthmatic children (even though they get vaccinated whether they like it or not) and everyone else around me.  I said no.  She said yes.  I said I didn't want it.  She said I wasn't leaving without it.  I got the shot but demanded a really cool band-aid.  They didn't have really cool band-aids for grown-ups.

This year, I had to take all three of my boys with me to get my oldest checked for strep.  While we were there, I figured the monkeys should get their shots.  I also decided I would be brave and get one too (even though there wasn't a bossy doctor around to make me do it) but secretly hoped they would run out when it was my turn and I'd have to get the mist kind.  My 4-year-old got his first and totally freaked out.  My 2-year-old looked terrified so I said, "It's OK.  Look.  Mommy will go next and you can see that it's alright.  K?"  He looked skeptical.  The nurse came over with the freaking huge needle and started wiping my arm in preparation for the jab.  I turned my head, gritted my teeth, and took it like a mom.  No flinching, no screaming, no crying.  I just smiled and said, "See monkey?  I'm OK!  It's all done!  No more hurts."  I don't think he believed me.

I could have had the flu mist, but that would have been cheating.  See?  I'm a good mom.  (And I still didn't even get a really cool band-aid.)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Pumpkin Earrings

It's autumn time!  I LOVE the fall.  
Summer is awesome, but fall is is even better with the pretty colors, cooler weather, and pumpkins.
I made these fun earrings for the first time last year as gifts for my mom and a couple friends.
Now they're in my Etsy shop for everyone! 

These adorable pumpkin and vine dangly earrings are perfect for the entire fall season, 
especially for dressing up for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

The pumpkins are beautiful, faceted, translucent orange glass beads. 
The wire is antique brass in color and nickel free. 
The vines are hand crafted and each pair is unique.

I have only a few pairs available, but custom orders are welcome if you need more than what is available! Just send me a message and we'll make a plan.  I can easily make some more and would welcome the excuse to make jewelry after bedtime instead of fold laundry.  =)
Have a beautiful day!