Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Halloween Costumes- Part III- Ninja Turtle

Heroes in a half shell...Turtle Power!
This is another one of my favorite costumes, and it really didn't take me long to make it at all! I think I spent more time trying to find green thermals than I did putting the rest of it together.The front is just a rectangle pillow, lightly padded and then sewn down the middle and twice across the chest to make 6 "muscles" or the underside of the shell.
The back part of the shell is a round pillow with the same light-colored fabric on the underside and a darker fabric on the outside (it's hard to see in my picture). I also used strips of the darker fabric for the belt and wrist/elbow/knee wraps.

I had face paint and green hair spray to make him look really Ninja Turtley, but he wouldn't let me.
Oh, well. It's a good thing I have two other boys to try it out on! =)

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