Friday, March 25, 2011


So, my awesome husband put my cord away where it belonged. That's why I couldn't find it. Figures.
For my first Silhouette project, I made last-minute gift bags for my dino-loving 2-year-old's birthday party guests. I had originally planned to put the adhesive vinyl cutouts on white paper bags, but the thought of all that work getting shredded within seconds by the hands of toddlers was too much to bear, so I rifled through my gift bag stash at 10:00 at night to find something more durable. The only suitable ones I could find had snowflakes on them, but what 2-year-old is going to care, right? It ended up snowing on the day of the party, so it ended up being very appropriate. =)
I purchased the dinosaur images from Silhouette's website and used the Matisse ITC font for the names.(Please forgive the wonky arrangement. The little monkeys were anxious to get at their loot so I had to set up and shoot fast!)

My second fast and easy project was this message on my storm door:

It drives me crazy when people ring the doorbell since it usually happens when the kiddos are sleeping. My husband keeps offering to disconnect it for me, but sometimes it's a necessary evil. Like when I get one of those rare longer-than-30-minute naps and don't hear my 2nd grader knocking on the door after the bus drops him off. It's happened.

Anyway, I had been printing the message on a piece of paper and taping it to the door, but the paper kept getting mangled. This sucker should stay put! I used Silhouette's premium vinyl and flipped the words to a mirror image before cutting so I could stick them on the inside of the door to show through but still be protected from the vicious Minnesota elements.

I have one more thing that I cut out today but I will have to post a picture later after I put it up. Now I must finish my homework so I will have time to play later. Ahh, the suckiness of being a responsible adult...

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