Thursday, September 22, 2011

A day

I was going to be productive today.  I've had a cold that has kicked me in the patootie.  I've gotten more naps in the past week than I have in the last 6 months (yay for a guilt-free excuse to collapse into bed in the middle of the day!) but my house is a wreck.  Today, that was going to change.

I started by doing dishes.  Success.

I moved on to straightening up the living room.  Done.

Next was the laundry.  I sorted the mountains into the correct color/temperature piles and put the first load in.  On a roll.

I was so on the ball that I went down to swap the load as soon as it was done and...crap.  A pull-up had sneaked its way into my washer and those beady things that soak up the pee in diapers were all over my nice clean laundry. 

I started the washer up again, praying that would solve the problem, and decided I had been productive enough.  I fed the kids lunch and we all took a nap.


Tonight, I saw my littlest monkey chewing on something.  I hadn't given him anything to eat since dinner and the fridge was still locked (yes, I lock my fridge- a 2-year-old only needs so many Gogurts in a day) so I asked him what he had.  He ran away and hid.  That is never a good sign, especially with that precocious one.  My middle monkey chased him down and brought him over to me.  Of course, his mouth was empty by then.

Me: Monkey, what did you eat?
Monkey: It's all gone, mommy.
Me: What was it?
Monkey: It's in my stomach.
Me: But what was it?
Monkey: A crayon in my mouth.


It was time for the boys to get ready for bed, but the littlest monkey had disappeared.  We found him hiding behind the coffee table with a fist full of Taco Bell hot sauce packets.  What he had planned for them, I hope I never know.

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