Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I'm free for a month, anyway.  I'm so excited!!!!!  It's the longest break I've had from school in two years, so I am very much looking forward to it.

Today  (my first day off) is a catch-up day.  I need to get this laundry under control and clean my neglected carpets.  Three boys = a whole lot of disgustingness.

Tomorrow, however, is CRAFT DAY!!!!!  I actually scheduled with a friend and put it on the calendar.  IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN.  Neither snow nor sick kids can stop me. 

The first order of business is ornaments.  My mom started the tradition of giving each of us kids a new ornament every Christmas.  By the time we moved out, we had a nice stash of ornaments to decorate our own trees.

I have continued the tradition with my own family, but it started getting difficult last year.  Everything I was finding was either waaay more than I wanted to pay for a piece of glass, or it was cheap crap.  I don't even remember what I finally got for my kids.  Lame.  This year- I just decided yesterday- I'm going to make some, since I actually have free time and all (YAY!). 

I have an idea of what I want to do, but checked out Pinterest anyway for some other awesome ideas. 

How cute are these?!?
Source: via Brooke on Pinterest

LOVE the bites out of Gingy.  =)

Oh, Martha.  You've done it again.

Lovely.  Easy.

A great use of those unused cookie cutters

I could totally do this!

These would make adorable presents.
Source: via Simonetta on Pinterest

I heart buttons.

I think I need to hit my mom up for her Christmas scraps...
Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

This is kinda what I was thinking of doing, except their way seems much simpler.  I like it.

Do you have any fun Christmas traditions? 
What ornaments have you made or would like to make?

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