Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pinewood Derby Cars

Well, helloooooo!!!  I found a few minutes to post a quick picture of our latest project.  These cars were decorated very much at the last minute, but it really didn't take that long thanks to Expressions Vinyl and my handy dandy Silhouette!

I cut the flames for my 5-year-old's car out by hand (yeah, they aren't that great) from yellow, orange, and red adhesive vinyl and then layered them on: longer yellow flames first, then medium orange flames, and short red flames last.  I'm sure you could have figured that out, but there you go.

The images for the white car were found online.  My 9-year-old is OBSESSED with Beyblades and wanted to use those images only.  We could only find the Pegasus (in orange- it was supposed to be red but I just now realized I did it wrong) so he settled for a manly lion instead of Ldrago for the red (was supposed to be orange).  I saved the found images, opened them in the Silhouette Studio, sized them to fit on the car, selected the trace area, hit "Trace" and voila!  Easy-to-cut-out images that I sent through my Silhouette and then transferred onto the car like you would transfer any other vinyl onto any other project. 

Here's a tip for you, though:
Regular adhesive vinyl does not stick well to painted wood.  Either use sticker vinyl (like permanent or outdoor) or be prepared to apply a coat of sealer or Mod Podge or something.  We'll have to do that to the cars later since I was short on time today and the boys are at the race now.

SO...good news!  I will be OFFICIALLY DONE WITH SCHOOL in two weeks!!!!  My classes will be finished by the 8th and my only final is a take-home that has to be turned in by the 10th.  How awesome is that!?  Graduation is on the 11th and my PARTY is on the 12th!!!  There WILL be cheesecake.

Thanks for hanging in here with me!  I'm almost free and then will have more fun time.  PLUS, my super craft and artsy sister is going to be in the state for the WHOLE SUMMER, so there's extra motivation to actually complete some projects.  =)

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