Monday, June 6, 2011


I've had kind of an "ugh" couple of weeks. You know the kid that I mean? The days are way too long, yet not long enough; the kids are tired but won't sleep enough; Mom is tired but somehow ends up staying up way too late every night trying to get stuff done that never seems to actually get done, etc.... Oh, and my baby finally figured out he could get out of his crib. That's been fun. Ha ha! Anyway, I found myself alone last night in a quiet house after everyone, including hubby, was asleep by 8:30. Did I jump on those projects I've been dying to get to, crank out a few more pairs of fun earrings,clean up the messy living room, or make bread because we've been out of it for 3 weeks? Nope. I curled up on the couch and watched two episodes of Veronica Mars, talked to my prego sister about baby names, talked to my brother about what he can buy me with all the money he's making this Summer, and ate chocolate cereal at midnight. Fun, right? I thought so. =)

Here's what I did accomplish, though, just so you know it's not all soap operas and bon bons around here:
I completed all my homework assignments early and aced my first 2 quizzes. I sorted through every file and several boxes of "stuff" that has been piling up while, and got it somewhat organized. I posted our 12-year-old car on craigslist and sold it in 3 days for the full asking price (I had to fight for that one). I planned and hosted a successful baby shower that included mini cheesecakes, spinach and artichoke dip, and chocolate mint brownie bites (oh, yeah). I also cleaned and organized the little boys' room and started teaching my 8-year-old how to play the piano.

But now I'm determined to get out of the slump I've been in. I went to the gym this morning, even though I really just wanted to watch some more Veronica. I joined Weight Watchers (again) because I have finally accepted that my jeans are too tight because I have (once again) lost all self-control when it comes to food and really have not been bloated for 2 months. I am cleaning my living room tonight so my little guys can have a play date tomorrow. I will make bread tomorrow because it really is not that hard or time-consuming. I will make sure my kids have loads of fun. I will finish and send my brother's and two nephews' birthday boxes this week (better late than never, right?). And I will enjoy my 12th anniversary afternoon date with my husband this Saturday!

Here's to future "ugh"-free weeks, looser jeans, a cleaner house, fresh bread, and a happy family!!!

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