Monday, August 29, 2011

Elastic-top Bag part 2 + CAPES!

I finally got around to getting a cute neighbor girl model for my fun elastic-top bag...I love this bag because it is large enough to hold lots of toys, books, and dolls, but the top closes up a bit to hold everything in. Then, when you want to take it out, you just stretch it open and TA-DA!

Here is the cape I made to go with it...
(it was made for my 1-year-old niece, though, so my model is a bit tall for this toddler-size cape)
Now, remember this picture from my elastic-top bag post?
Those are 4 more capes that I made in the same evening as the little girl cape and bag. That's how fast and easy they are!

This little monkey is my littlest tornado. He loves to dress up.Apparently that cape is modeling in the pictures now belongs to him.
He calls it his Superman, and he loves that he can put it on and take it off, all by himself.

Here, my neighbor girl is wearing the full-size cape, the same size my little guy is wearing.

I made 12 of these super easy super hero capes for my oldest son's 6th birthday party. They were a huge hit! Now I whip them up whenever I need a quick birthday present for any super little boy or girl who feels the need to save the world. =)

Would you be interested in a tutorial?
Please just let me know and I will post one. Thanks!

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