Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I got the best e-mail today!

I check my e-mail frequently, partly because the computer is in the living room that I'm in and out of all day, but mostly because I love to get messages. It's like getting real mail, but pretty much instantaneous and it comes all day! Anyway, I checked this afternoon and got a wonderful surprise: someone saw my snake scarf on Sumo's Sweet Stuff and posted it on their blog as part of their top 20 list for the day! Amanda at Today's Top 20 features creations from bloggers all over and compiles a ton of super cute stuff for you to peruse. It's fabulous! She has different categories-- Sew This, Craft This, Print This, and Eat This-- so there's something for everyone, along with tutorials and tips. So go check her out and have some fun seeing what creative craftiness is out there in the blogging world.
Today's Top 20

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