Friday, January 7, 2011

Little Boy Book Bag

My 1-year-old, D, LOVES books. Being the 3rd boy, many of our board books have been...shall we say...well loved. I decided it was time to have some new books and a book bag of his very own, one that wasn't handed down or had one of his brother's names on it. So, for Christmas, I made little D this bag. I used leftover fabric for the the main part and scraps from the pillowcase/quilt/curtain set I am almost finished with for his room to do the handles. Matchy, matchy!

I had planned to do a lining but time was short and I figured it really didn't matter that much since the fabric I used was denim-like and pretty heavy. I serged all the edges so nothing would fray. For the handles, I lined them up with the top of the bag before I folded it over twice, and then double-stitched around the top to make sure the handles are secure. This sucker is made to last! =)

For Christmas, I filled his bag with new board books that I had picked up at the dollar store, the dollar section at Target (love that place!), and on sale at Borders. It was a hit! Whenever we go out, I toss in a few books, some cars, a sippy cup and diaper, and we're ready to go. The bag is big enough to hold all the necessities, yet small enough that D can carry it around and pull stuff out while riding in the car or shopping cart.

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