Sunday, January 16, 2011

More Scarves

I promise...these are the last. For a while anyway. As long as there are no more winter birthday parties this year. I made 3 scarves this weekend. The first was another skull and crossbones one that turned out much better than the one I made for B (fusible interfacing works really well!) but it was still a pain to sew around those all those curves on 2 ply fleece.

These second and third scarves are for a set of twin boys that aren't very much alike at all. Each scarf was made with that boy's favorite color and a pattern that suits his personality and interests. I hope they like them. They'd better like them! =)

Sewing all these straight lines was a snap after the skull and crossbones! I used fusible interfacing for the pointy parts, which made it much easier to sew them on. As a newbie to the stuff-- and being exhausted and in pain with a wrenched neck-- I didn't think the whole process through and ended up ironing the interfacing to the ironing board in addition to the fleece. Oops! Don't do that. (I think a new sewing board cover will have to be my next project.)

Now I'm going to take some more Motrin, grab my heat pad, and hit the sack. I hope your weekend was as enjoyable and productive as-- but less painful than-- mine. My goal for tomorrow is to (finally) finish little D's quilt and curtain. My first attempt did not go well and I still have some unpicking to do. *sigh*
Good night!

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